NRE Twin-Turbo Alien LS 472


*This price is an approximation and is not guaranteed. The estimated price is based on the motor featured in the photo. Actual cost may change once all project elements are finalized. Prior to any changes of cost, the client will be notified. The Estimate will be valid for 30 days.

? hp @ 0 RPM and  0 ft lbs of  Torque @ 0 RPM

PRO-TOURING TEXT NEEDED - DESCRIPTION: Bar none this is the best dollar for dollar value in the Twin Turbo big block world. This engine is packed with quality and technology that we’ve learned over the past 25 years of building these combinations. The ease of install with our direct fit stainless manifolds and the fact that this is a complete dyno tuned engine at over 1750 Horsepower and can be driven down any road in the world and is a ready to run engine makes this one incredible combination.

  • BLOCK: Dart LS Next with 1/2 head studs, ARP 2000 main studs
  • CRANKSHAFT: Callies Magnum 4.0 
  • CONNECTING RODS: Oliver Billet Max
  • PISTONS: Custom JE 9 to 1 Pistons 2618 material
  • RINGS:  
  • CAMSHAFT: Custom NRE Solid Roller cam
  • LIFTERS: Bushed Isky
  • TIMING COVER: Cast Aluminum Milodon
  • ROCKER ARMS: Jesel Shaft Rocker System
  • PUSHRODS: Trend
  • OIL SYSTEM: Moroso 8 quart oil pan with hi volume pump and pick up
  • CYL HEADS: Aluminum All Pro W head with Inconel Valves flowing 440 cfm
  • VALVE COVERS: NRE Billet fully CNC machined
  • INTAKE MANIFOLD: NRE Alien Intake with hidden injectors and sensors and internal twin throttle body
  • INJECTORS: Flow matched 2200 cc injectors

  • FUEL MANAGEMENT UNIT: Holley Dominator with full wire harness and sensors
  • IGNITION: 8 coil packs with crank trigger ignition and cam sensor
  • EXHAUST: Stainless 304 headers fully purge welded
  • TURBOCHARGERS: NRE 76mm Gen 3 Dual Ball Bearings
  • WASTEGATES: Tial 60mm
  • BLOW-OFF VALVE: ? mm

"Ripping Ferraris, Corvettes is easy to do, it's over before it gets started they don’t know what happened. It's the difference between going and really going. It will make you grin and if you don’t know what that means you shouldn’t be driving."  

- 74 year old "Honest George," Owner of a 427 Twin Turbo Daily Driver Series

Are you ready to be powered by NRE?


STEP 1: Select a Motor Series

Every motor is built to the individuals needs. First, SELECT A MOTOR SERIES to let us know about your dream motor.

Daily Driver Series

Designed for the person who wants to drive their car daily. Experience a killer V8 sound. NRE Daily Drivers are brutally strong power plants.

  • Maximum reliability
  • Enormous amount of torque & hp
  • Drives anywhere on 91 octane gas

Custom Pricing = $$

Hot Rod Series

Best compromise between power and reliability. This engine setup has a very hollow and nasty sound, but the valve train acceleration is reasonable and soft.

  • Larger power band
  • More torque per cubic inch
  • Drives anywhere on 91 octane gas

Custom Pricing = $$$

Warrior Series

Over the years we have developed some of the meanest race combo’s in the world and these are pure race engines unequaled in power and reliability.

  • Patented Race Technology
  • Season after season of engine reliability
  • May require high-octane race fuel

Custom Pricing = $$$$

STEP 2: Devils in the Details 

Your motor setup and details are made-to-order and engineered specifically to fit your ride. Tom Nelson and NRE engine builders will work with you to concept your unique vision.

Custom Finishes

Vader Black, Polished + More Custom Color Options...

Options & Upgrades

Wether you have specific parts or a style in-mind, we can help show you options and upgrades that will push you ahead of the competition. 

  • NRE Turbocharger sizes
  • NRE Alien Intake
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Ignition upgrades

STEP 3: Ready to Start Your Engine

NRE will supply a detailed price quote for your approval, at that time, a deposit is required to start. 


  • Initial deposit of 50% is required to start the engine build. 
  • Additional 25% due in 1-3 months (dependent on build)
  • Remaining balance due upon completion.


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