"The Baddest Dodge Charger You’ve Ever Seen" - CarScoops.com

We already know that Dominic Torreto likes his Chargers dark and menacing, but the last Charger he drove on screen was really shiny but still very menacing.

"The target was simply to build the most badass Charger of all time," - CarScoops.com

Meet the Maximus Charger, a 2,000hp insanity made by Nelson Supercars and Scott Spock Racing. The target was simply to build the most badass Charger of all time, so they took a 1968 model, widened the body by 5 inches, built a twin-turbo all-aluminum 9.4-litre Hemi with twin injectors per cylinder and several thousand man hours later, the Maximus was ready.

Tom Nelson says that only the bodywork took 4,000 hours to be completed and that the whole front suspension is derived from a Corvette C6 with the rear to be completely custom. The wide body allowed them to use a pair of monster 18-inch wide rear tyres which integrate beautifully under the bodywork.

The best part is that the Maximus Charger has things like air-conditioning and can be used on the road, although I wouldn’t go as far to call a twin-turbo 9.4-litre muscle car a friendly daily.

But who cares, just look at it, listen to that roar, it’s just an epic hero car. - Michael Karafiris, www.CarScoops.com

Video courtesy the guys at 1320video.com

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Question where the 68 Charger Now

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