NRE Reaches Performance Heights w/ 2000hp Camaro

"...who can say no to classic looks, creature comforts and over four times the power of a Ferrari?" - Street Muscle Mag

There’s nothing quite like a classic muscle car with modern running gear and amenities that allow enthusiasts to enjoy their cars as if they were right off the factory floor. But if you know anything about Nelson Racing Engines, you know that mere performance isn’t quite enough to satisfy everyone’s taste in cars. That’s why NRE has come up with their own Supercar line- a series of cars purpose built with the latest NRE technology and pushing the boundaries of what kind of power numbers are street-appropriate. 

Nelson Supercars are a relatively new idea, one that focuses on power and performance throughout an entire car rather than just the engine by an industry-leading performance engine company. Not only does this allow Nelson to create amazing vehicles, it also ensures that every working part on each Supercar works together effortlessly for the utmost performance.

There are currently a handful of Nelson Supercars to date, but this is the Number 4 car, a 1969 Camaro built for Ben Abrams. We just couldn’t help but fall in love with the Camaro on NRE’s website.

While she may look like any other pro-touring first-gen F-body, this particular Camaro is equipped with enough power and performance components to expel exhaust fumes into the nose of any competitor. After all, like all Nelson Supercars are known for, this little lady packs quite the punch with 2,000hp. 

The incredible amount of power behind the Camaro, and yes you read that power rating right, is compliments of a NRE Billet Blackout Series Twin Turbo Intercooled 572ci big block. Inside the engine, you’ll find dual fuel injectors for every cylinder, which incorporates automatic injection of racing fuel under boost conditions while maintaining straight 91-octane fuel while under normal driving conditions. NRE refers to this as “Octane on Demand.”

Helping the engine breath is a NRE 304 exhaust system with X-pipe, as well as a custom aluminum dual row/dual pass radiator with dual high-output fans. Backing up the 2,000-pony powerhouse is a modified Viper 6-speed transmission with a 10.5 dual disc clutch. This is attached to a Strange 9-inch rearend with a nodular case and 35-spline axles, pushing as much power to the pavement as possible.

Keeping the potent Camaro planted to the ground and giving it quality handling capabilities are Calvert split mono leafs and a J Traction system attached to a front solid bushed spring eye. Up front, you’ll find a Detroit Speed setup with upper and lower A-arms, as well as adjustable Koni coil over shocks, which can also be found in the rear of the car.

Sticking power for the car comes compliments of 345/35/18 drag radials in the rear, wrapped around custom HRE rims, while electronically assisted Baer discs give the car plenty of stopping power.

While the car is set up to perform amazingly, it’s also set up with the looks and creature comforts to match. On the outside, the Camaro features a Midnight Black paint scheme- daring enough to draw attention but not so in your face that you suspect what’s under the hood. The interior follows suit with black leather, custom low back seats, a custom NRE instrumented dash, Vintage Air climate control system and a 1,000 Watt sound system, in case the rumble of the engine wasn’t enough music for your ears.

A truly phenomenal car, we can see why Nelson Supercars are becoming the next standard for performance vehicles. After all, who can say no to classic looks, creature comforts and over four times the power of a Ferrari?


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