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F-Bomb Owner David Freiburger always wanted a car that he could drive everyday and race on the weekend.

The twin-turbo 1973 F-Bomb Chevy Camaro was build by Nelson Racing Engines and holds the Nelson Supercar Serial No. 001. The F-Bomb appeared in the 4th installment of Universal's, Fast & Furious movie franchise, Fast & Furious (FF4).

F-Bomb is Back!
Freiburger's F-Bomb had always been one heck of a burnout machine, although the 1973 Camaro never had a chance to exploit the potential of its 406ci twin-turbo small-block on the dragstrip. The Powerglide transmission and torque converter were overwhelmed by the nearly 1,000hp pump-gas engine and the full power never made it to the wheels. To get some decent dragstrip numbers, Nelson Racing Engines installed a Turbo 400 that would help keep the engine in its powerband, while the rest of the car remained more or less unchanged since its debut in 2006. You can see its best pass on Roadkill episode 34.

At Auto Club Dragway, the F-Bomb began by running an 11.23 at 133 mph with around 10 pounds of boost. As Freiburger got the launch dialed in and the boost turned up, his 60-foot times dropped from the 1.9s into the 1.4s, and the e.t. dropped as well, to a 9.18 at 151 mph as our time at the strip was winding down. After a brief cool down, the F-Bomb ran a best of 9.08 at 154.86 mph.

- Brandan Gillogly, Hot Rod Magazine Writer


Photo: Wes Allison

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