I took on this project to reinvent and breathe new life into a 20+ year old supercar legend. This 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT, is 1 of only 6 made in this particular trim, and the last of the old “Bulls” before it became an Audi.

My Dad and I have had a love for Lamborghini’s ever since I can remember. I have fond memories of going to dealers on the weekend to stare at these pieces of art. So I set out to not only increase its performance but make it functional artwork true to the iconic Italian design.

Originally trotting along with 550 HP, this beast now cranks out over 3X its original power at 1,650 HP. The entire engine had to be modified internally to handle that amount of power. We made one-off billet connecting rods, custom 2618 alloy forged 8.8 to 1 pistons, o-rings and receiver grooves, one-off head gaskets, and Inconel valves. We designed integrated water to air intercoolers into the factory intake. Then we incorporated a state-of-the-art life racing ECU that has active knock control, individual cylinder tuning, traction control, boost by gear and an array of safety protocols. For the exhaust, we hand-built the entire 321 stainless steel system using our new Gen 2 64mm NRE Mirror Image Turbo-chargers. This build squeezes into the Lamborghini and fits “like a glove.” No doubt this old “Bull” will surprise any modern supercar. - Tom Nelson

Make + Model

V12 Diablo VT

Engine Combo

NRE Twin-Turbo

100% Dyno Tested

1,650hp +

Technical Specs

  • Gen 2 64mm NRE Mirror Image TurboChargers
  • 1,650+ hp
  • Hand built 321 stainless exhaust system

Are you ready to be powered by NRE?

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