T4 Mirror Image Turbochargers

  • T4 Mirror Image Turbochargers

T4 Mirror Image Turbochargers


Our Patented Second Generation Turbochargers feature the latest aerodynamics .Our Gen 2 Turbos have shown a 10 percent increase in flow compared to the competition.All turbos feature Billet( Cea )designed compressor wheels,Fully ported compressor covers for extended turbo life.Inconel turbine wheels.They are available in both 360 journal bearing and Ceramic Ball bearing.
Center sections have both water and oil cooling provisions but can be run on just oil.

Every turbo comes with a 1 year no hassle warranty.


60mm T4 rated at 800hp each
Compressor 60mm
Turbine 62mm
AR Ratio .68

64mm T4 Rated at 900hp each
Compressor 64mm
Turbine 65mm
AR ratio .68

72mm T4 Rated at 1100hp each
Compressor 72mm
Turbine 68mm
AR ratio .84