"What you're seeing here is a 572-cubic-inch Hemi (that's 9.4L) that utilizes twin NRE 88mm turbochargers, twin intercoolers, and a computer-controlled dual-injection system that switches automatically between 91 and 116 octane fuel when the octane threshold is reached."

"He was the only guy that you'd see actually driving the cars and showing real dyno numbers, so I scheduled some time and went to see him," - Scott Spock 

Make + Model

'68 HEMI Charger

Engine Combo

NRE Twin Turbo / Alien Intake

100% Dyno Tested

600-2,200hp +

Technical Specs

  • 572-cubic-inch Hemi (9.4L)
  • Twin NRE 88mm turbochargers
  • Twin intercoolers
  • Computer-controlled dual-injection system that switches between 91 and 116 octane fuel
  • Dual-reservoir fuel tank
  • 2,253 hp at 6,200 rpm
  • 1,927 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm—at just 25 psi of boost. 
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