2000+ HP Twin-Turbo MAYHEM 427 LS

Technical Specs

  • 427 Cubic Inch LS

  • Twin 76mm Mirror Image NRE Turbos

  • Dart Machinery CNC Ported LS7 heads

  • LS Next 1/2 Stud block

  • Comp Cams one-off street roller grind we designed

  • Bell intercoolers Air to water core we shaped up

  • Jesel valvetrain Shaft rockers

  • Callies performance


  • Enforcers Rods and Magnum crank

  • Plazmaman Racing LS7 tall lid intake

  • Turbo Smart  60 mm gates

  • Holley Performance ECU and accessories

  • ARP bolts & fasteners

  • JE Pistons Custom designed pistons

  • Dailey Engineering 6 Stage billet oil pan dry sump system

Are you ready to be powered by NRE?

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