4 into 1 Collectors

Machined from 1018 Steel

Over the years we’ve built as many turbo headers as anyone in doing this you start to fiqure out what the weak links are One for us was The 4 into one collectors these are until now made from pieces of tube that are cut and welded together in 4 joints.Each one of these joints see extreme heat  which expand and contract as it heats up and cools down and over time no matter how good you make it they will crack.With our new All billet 4 into one collector we have completely eliminated this We start with a solid billet chunk of 1018 steel and carve the metal on our cnc lathe and machining centers into A flawless transition to a 3 inch pipe we’ve also solved another issue in where we cut a 3 inch vband flange into the collector again no welding which eliminates the warping of the flange which we commonly saw.Beyond that one pet peave of mine was lining up the vbands perfectly center so what weve done is cut a male female centering groove on the sealing face so the vbands interlock.Its works out fantastic.If your looking for a lifetime collector that wont leak this is the solution They are available in 1 7/8 to 3 inch and 2 to 3 inch right now.