Billet Valve Covers

CNC Machined from Solid Stock

We designed are 100% billet valve covers for a couple of reasons once we finished our new Billet intakes nothing looked right sitting  next to the Intake.I was actually depressed we had this incredible intake manifold that looked like nothing you’d ever seen and we would put a set of valve covers on it and the engine just looked out of place.So we designed a valve cover to match the stunning looks of our intakes.We make our covers from solid billet 6061 aluminum,They are fully Cnc Machined from Solid Stock .These covers sealing surface are dead straight and have -12 oring ports machined in them for crankcase ventilation We designed them to fit all stud mounted rockers not using a girdle and all  shaft mount systems and they are also designed the be easily removed with all of our turbo applications so valve adjustments are much easier.They are available for Small Block Chevy and Big Block Chevys.

  • CNC'd from solid billet 6061 aluminum
  • Small Block Chevy
  • Big Block Chevys