Corvette Stingray

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Brent Jackson Is a guy weve worked with for many years just about everything he owns is Spectacular.We landed the Cover of Super Chevy Magazine with Brent in 2001 with his 1969 camaro called the look and now here is his new creation this 1965 Corvette Stingray.This car features a Pual Newmann chassis which is fully independent C4 corvete suspention,Massive wildwood brakes at all four corners,Sitting on Intro wheels and some massive 335 rubber,The heart of the car is powered by one of our 355 cubic inch Twin Turbo Daily driver series engines which cranks out 800 hp on pump gas and over 1000 hp on race gas,the power is transfered to the tires through a modified Viper 6 speed and Corvette independent rear end.It also features a 3000 watt kicker sterio system with full climate control air conditioning and full leather french seam stiched interior.This is one great sounding fun ride that can be driven anywhere,and scare your friends.

NRE Twin Turbo 355 Daily Driver