1963 Cadillac

Nelson Supercar #006

We are building this 1963 Cadillac Coupe Deville in an effort to showcase some new ideas on this creatively different project.

The Caddy will feature a 14-71 roots blown and injected 572cid big block Chevy. The exhaust will flow through dual 4 -inch electronic fender exit cutouts. Running through a computer controlled, paddle shifted, 4-speed automatic transmission, this caddy will sport a custom 3-link rear suspension and a built Moser 9-inch.

An adjustable Air Ride suspension will control the ride height and stiffness ensuring an optimal cruising look, while ready to devour any unsuspecting prey. The interior by Eric Thorsen will be will showcase custom one-off bench seats, front and back with side bolsters, and 4 individual racing harnesses. A 12-point roll cage will tie it all together so the driver and three buddies can enjoy the rewards of 1200hp safely (relatively speaking of course).

A full climate control system and custom instrument cluster created by Redline Gaugeworks will keep the drivability pleasant. The original 120mph sweeper speedo will be turned into an 8000 rpm sweeper tach allowing it to maintain the cool '63 styling while allowing for purpose built functionality. Check out the renderings to see these perfectly straight & gapped body panels shot in Mucielago flat black. Stopping on Wilwood brakes, this "ain't your Daddy's Caddy!"



63 Cadillac Coupe Deville ,572 Roots Hot Rod Series,