AWD Mid Engine GTO

2000hp #008

Travis Laboy, defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, has enlisted Nelson Supercars to build the World's most wicked GTO .

Travis has given us a "no holds barre" approach and is allowing us to be as creative as we want with the build. That being said, this GTO is going to be developed NRE-style. Rather than try to make a supercar out of a GTO, we've decided to build a super car first...then slap a GTO body on it.

We are designing a completely new car entirely in Solid Works CAD software. We will do a full suspension analysis and create race car geometry not possible with the original equipment. Of course, with all that chassis work, we wouldn't want to let anyone down, so we are going to place a Nelson Racing Engine 2000hp twin turbo 572 BBC, mid ship behind the front seats...oh yeah, and it’s going to be all-wheel drive! This will be our wildest build to date.

We hope to inspire a lot of our fellow hot rodding friends and showcase what NRE is capable of. I will be sending updates to everyone on the Pit Pass so you can follow the build from start to finish. Check out some pictures of this cream puff. Although it looks rough, we found it in the desert where it sat for 20 years. The metal is actually quite nice. I also posted a rough idea of the look we will be shooting for.

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