Billet Turbo Elbow

with wastegate mount

Over the years we’ve built as many turbo headers as anyone in doing this you start to figure out what the weak links are and what you really need in a nice lifetime turbo header. Well the single biggest obstacle in a header is the transition from the collector to the header in this transition the round part of the header has to form into a rectangle to go into the turbo. This is usually hammer formed into the size then welded and silicon bronzed on the outside. Within this piece is where you mount you wastegate. This is where almost all headers fail is the weld joint that holds the pipe that mounts the wastegate. This is the hottest part of the header and has a heavy valve that hangs off of it that constantly  controls how much boost is applied to the engine it does this by bypassing excess turbocharger pressure. So not only is there extreme heat on this joint but tons of pressure trying to break the gate off the pipe. Over the years we’ve developed gussets supports you name it. But sooner or later the weld at that joint will break from the constant expansion and contraction of the weld from hot to cold. This why we built this entire piece from solid billet 1018 steel 100% cnc machined there are no weld joints and we have completed eliminated cracking. We’ve also built in a male female interlock for the aircraft  v-band flange that’s machined into it for perfect alignment when clamped .Another huge plus is that the 90 degree transition is done in 3.5 inch’s total there is no tube you can buy that can make this bend that tight So it free’s up tons of precious engine compartment room when designing a set up.I’m very proud of this piece it has added another level to the art of Turbocharging.