Billet Intake

Ultimate in Fuel Atomization

Nelson Racing Engines has finished development on there new 100% billet intake manifolds They are available for Both Small And Big Block Chevys in Tall and Short deck versions  they are compatible for Natural aspirated and Forced induction engines.

They feature 7.75 inch total height for the small blocks and 8.90 inchs for the big blocks which will fit under most low hood lines. They have Dual injectors per cylinder that are placed at a straight shot at the back of the valve. for the ultimate in fuel atomization. all of the injectors are placed within the runner for out of sight injector placement. Fuel rails are built into the body of the manifold Along with all the sensors and throttle linkage.being placed on the inside.We have also built the entire fuel system into the body of the manifold as both fuel rails tie into a distribution plate which splits into internally manifold referenced fuel regulators. All the inlet and outlet connections are accomplished in the back of the manifold for a clean look.No fuel lines are needed other than connecting and returning the fuel.All connections are o-ringed and come with all the necessary linkage fittings and hardware needed for installation. We have already tested these manifolds to over 2500 hp.There is nothing we have ever tested that has this kind of throttle response and power.