Mirror Image Turbos

Symmetrical Turbochargers

Nelson Racing Engines announces the release of their patented Mirror Image Turbocharger Series. Starting from a clean slate, NRE has engineered what they are claiming is the World's Best Turbocharger, in both performance and aesthetics.

With one turbo rotating counterclockwise, NRE's trick set up allows for everything under the hood to be symmetrical. No more turbos dumping out all to one side, or ridiculous uneven header setups that look like an afterthought. This beautiful system looks as though it was engineered by NASA, with the performance to back it up.

Developing more than 100 horsepower more than other turbos on the market, all NRE Mirror Image Turbocharger Series turbos feature fully billet compressor wheels - a concept derived from over 18 years of building the most wicked engines on the market. Additionally these turbos also feature water-cooled center sections and divided exhaust housings - allowing for super spooling!

The best part? The recipient of 2011 Global Media International Product Award at the 2011 SEMA Show, this product once only available to NRE engine customers are now available to everyone - along with an NRE backed 1 Year Warranty. How much you ask? Turbo pairs starting at $3600.00.


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"Up until now, every twin turbo engine in existence has run a non-symmetrical turbocharger arrangement… Aside from the performance you will gain running the industry’s best turbos, you will admire and appreciate the symmetrical balance."


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