NRE Turbo Kit


Our Turbo kits are second to none .We pride ourselves on building what I feel is the nicest header on the market. They are available in 304 stainless standard and for severe duty applications we offer them in 321 stainless. We spend over 20 hours on each set just on fitment of the stainless pipes when we are ready to weld you cannot see light threw the joint this is one of the biggest factors to a nice header is the fitting of the pipes. When you cut a bend the material from the bend being stretched is thicker on one side than it is on another we use special tubing benders that reduce this. And then spend hours upon hours finger expanding sanding, and finessing the pipe so there are no mismatches in the joint. This drastically improves the part by not creating stress points where the pipe is off and the weld makes up for it. We then tig weld all the joints using a pulser and have the pipes purged with gas on the inside so the weld on the inside is as clean as it is on the outside. This is super important. You can tell when you look at our header just by the color of the weld it speaks for itself. We have proprietary gas lenses that we’ve developed over the years that provide the perfect coverage when welding. When you buy a Nelson header your buying quality that will last. Our turbochargers we sell in this kit is a combination of over 100 different ar ratios,wheel trims,and compressor sizes, tip heights.Just because one turbo is labeled a 60 mm it is not the same as another 60 mm Trust us on this We’ve spent the last 15 years developing these combos and let me tell you there is a absolute night and day difference between the right combination of turbo parts and the wrong one .It can be related to cam manufactures labeling a cam a 280 cam you can test 10 cams and all will perform different But in  the turbo world the differences are mind blowing it’s not un common for us to see a 500 ft lb difference  in a turbo change Our turbos are combination of  parts from all the manufactures.that are designed to spool quick and maintain  air temps as the boost increases our kits will run just as well at 7 psi as they will at 32 psi.We also use what I feel is this nicest wastegate on the market the Tial 44mm V-band wastegate it’s a beautiful part and the designs flows extremely well we have not experienced boost creep with this gate on our kits.Our Sbc kits are capable of 1750 hp and  the Bbc tt kit is capable of 2000 hp We have kits available 67-69 camaros and 68 /72 novas in sbc/bbc/lsx 64-70’s chevelle sbc/bbc/lsx  Gbodys grandnational/regals in sbc/lsx  C2/3/4 Vettes in sbc and lsx if we don’t have you application we can make it for you.