Billet Damper

Manufactured for NRE by ATI

Our Billet Harmonic Dampers are manufactured for us by Ati  they are fully sfi legal,what makes them unique is that we have our 60 -2 tooth crank trigger wheel machined into the rear body of the damper which will never slip or go out of time we’ve also clocked the trigger in such a way that the Magnetic sensor lines up with the trailing edge of the 11 tooth of the trigger wheel and have had timing marks start at tdc from this point  so you have a nice reference to ck timing and crank degrees in relation to where the mag sensor picks up Top dead Center.In addition to this We’ve Machined from billet this ½ inch mag pick up sensor holder that positions the crank sensor in the proper location by bolting up to the timing cover and clears most all drive accessories packages so no custom making brackets here.Very sano.These two products have eliminated trigger wheel run out and erratic timing events it also eliminates the need to cut your pulley set or shim everything else to accommodate the thickness of a crank trigger wheel which can be a real pain in the a?## These are available in Both Small Block Chevy and Big Block Chevys and with proper lead time can be made for virtually any engine.