Turbo Drains

Just let it out...

I created these turbo drains because there was a need for a clean looking drain set up. The engines we run require a -12 outlet drainback to the oil pan. Previously, to install this fitting into the aluminum adapter you needed to machine down one of the flats on the fitting and tighten the fitting into the drain housing making sure to line up the flat with the backing plate of the turbo so it would clear the backing plate. Even after you did this it would still hit the turbo retaining plate so you then had to eliminate this retaining plate so that everything would work or you would have to run a pipe to pipe spacer and then install a -12 on top of that. To eliminate these steps I came up with a one piece unit that bolts onto the turbo housing. The body is kept thin to clear the turbo backing plate and retainer clips and then goes into a -12 male. The end result is a clean bolt on one piece drain that has the flow you need to not create oil build up in the turbo which causes a lot of turbo apllications to smoke out of the tail pipe when they're running.

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