NRE Twin Turbo (CHR)

Twin Turbo Hot Rod Series

The Hot Rod Series is what I would consider the best compromise between power and reliability. I use this series in my own street car. This engine setup has a special sound, very hollow and nasty and can be driven anywhere on 91 octane with incredible reliability. The valve train acceleration is reasonable and soft. This series makes more power and torque per cubic inch than the Daily Driver Series and has a larger power band around 500RPM higher but are "lopier" at idle and more "cammy."

At Nelson Racing Engines our slogan is "We Make Horsepower."How do we go about doing this? It just may have something to do with our reputation for building the baddest twin turbo beasts on the market.

"On the freeway I leaned into it pretty hard and it felt like an elephant pushing on my back. Then Nelson pulled up next to us and motioned to turn up the boost. We did and the car laid tracks at 70 mph while still pulling like an atlas rocket. I can only imagine what its like at full song."

Rob Kinnan
Editor of Hot Rod Magazine


"This thing is an absolute mind bender it took all my preconceived notions and blew them up. This car makes 1500 hp and cruises down the road like it has a crate motor in it, then you lean into the throttle and following a brief spool up time (almost none at all when full boost is available) the car accelerates like there is a JATO rocket strapped to the roof. This is something you could drive seven days a week to cruises or down any major street in America. Its real, it works insanely well and I can't believe it either. I guess the best praise to really give is that it will remain a life highlight to say I piloted the thing."

Brian Lohnes Hot Rod Author
(After driving a Chevy Twin Turbo Hot Rod Series S.B.C. on the Hot Rod Road Thrash)


"The only problem I have with this motor is I have to replace the rear tires constantly."

Knut Age Floor
Owner of a 427 Twin Turbo Hot Rod Series