NRE Fuel Injected (CHR)

Fuel Injected Hot Rod Series

The Hot Rod Series is what I would consider the best compromise between power and reliability. I use this series in my own street car. This engine setup has a special sound, very hollow and nasty and can be driven anywhere on 91 octane with incredible reliability. The valve train acceleration is reasonable and soft. This series makes more power and torque per cubic inch than the Daily Driver Series and has a larger power band around 500RPM higher but are "lopier" at idle and more "cammy."

"I find myself down shifting every chance I get and leaving it in gear just so I can hear this engine decelerate the sound is magical. The throttle response and brute power is more than I expected. Thank you for this incredible engine."

Tony Geraldi
Owner of a 572 Injected Chevy Hot Rod Series


"The amount of craftsmanship put into this engine is something I’ve never seen before and I’ve been hot rodding for the last 35 years. I go to shows feeling I have something totally unique. To say I’m pleased with this engine is an understatement!

Thanks Again for this piece of automotive art."

Harry Clement
Owner of a 447 Chevy Injected Hot Rod Series