1965 Chevelle

Twin Turbo LSX

When this Chevelle was brought to us .Ed Carter asked for something scary fast something that would stop on a dime and handle like a corvette but be as drivable as his new chevy truck .Ed was not concerned with spending alot of time on paint or exterior apperance.He was more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy.So we dropped in one of our 388 daily driver twin turbo lsx engines,backed by a fully built 4l85e computerized transmission.We installed a 9 inch rear end .Along with a full Detriot speed front and rear suspention.To stop this beast we installed Baer 6 piston calipers,assisted by a electric hydrualic brake pump.And to make sure Ed was cool ,where he lives temps are often 115 degrees we installed a computerized Vintage air ac system and to make sure the car could handle the extreme temperatures we installed three engine radiators with four cooling fans.To top it all off we added a paddle shifter to the steering wheel.This car is amazing it cruises like any new car you can buy off the showroom floor but when you get into the loud pedal your met with 1400hp and 1300ft lbs of madness that pins you in the seat.