1750hp TT Truggie

Avalanche Truck with Buggie chassis

This is the craziest truck we've had in the shop to date.


The owner Bill Burgeois is exactly the kind of customer we love here at Nelson Racing Engines - one serious Nutbag!


This is a Chevy Avalanche powered by one of our 1750hp 427 SBC Twin Turbo Hot Rod Series engines - made of all aluminum.  It features our new 16-injector billet intake manifold with built in fuel regulation and dual fuel octane on demand.  It also features some of our new 4-into-1 billet collectors and billet turbo transitions with wastegate attachments.  This beast utilizes a 5-stage drysump system in which we have converted one of the stages to a transmission pump. The truck uses a 5-speed sequential gearbox where we completely elminated the clutch and replaced with a torque converter - a sequential stick with no clutch!!! We also had the Electromotive Engine Management System tie into the dual onboard dash assemblies - one for the front passengers and one for the rear passengers. 


This thing will be an absolute monster in the desert but we had fun just cruising the streets of Chatsworth!  WTF!

1750 hp Twin Turbo 427 Sbc Hot Rod Series ,NRE billet 4 into 1 collectors,NRE turbo transitions,5 speed sequential transaxle