NRE Mosler 9000 MT

1850hp Mosler 9000 MT Supercar

Nelson Supercars released their Supercar #002 at the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Supercar #002 is a Mosler MTS 900 which is a carbon fiber mid-engine street legal race car. Weighing in at 2400 lbs wet and coming stock with 450 hp  just wasn’t enough for Paul Sui Director of international marketing for the Bellagio Resort in Vegas. Having been building cars all his life, Paul decided to bring his car to us to be made into a bonified Bugatti assassin. We did just that. We started by installing a 427 cubic inch twin turbocharged intercooled powerplant, using 6 bolts per cyl to clamp the heads to the block .We hand fabricated an intake manifold utilizing twin fuel injectors per cylinder. Using our proprietary octane on demand system, one for normal driving conditions using 91 octane and the second to come on under boost-only conditions feeding race gas to the engine. Dynoing at 1801 hp and 1710 ft lbs with a curb weight of 2500lbs the power to weight ratio of this engine is staggering considering it is almost half the weight and twice the power of the world’s fastest car, Veyron. To handle the power to the ground was a full tilt modified G5050 with Cryoed gears and billet side case. To get this power to the ground is a gear and rpm based boost controller, adding boost with each gear for maximum traction. We also custom built three engine radiators, an oil cooler, and an air to air intercooler while maintaining all of the factory gauge assembly and communicating with the climate control system .We also had our fuel management unit turning on all the electric fans at specific times. We drove the car 400 miles back from the SEMA show averaging 18 to 19 miles per gallon. It is an absolute bullet to drive, not many people can say they’ve driven this kind of controlled acceleration on the street. It was a pleasure to build for Paul

NRE 427 TT LSX Hot Rod Series,Octane on Demand,